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Multiple map items (i.e. pushpins) at almost same location

Jan 8, 2015 at 2:27 PM

I'd like to collect some ideas how to handle the situation where multiple map items (i.e. pushpins) exist at almost the same location.
As a result, the map items are covering eachother (even at fine zoom levels) and only one is fully visible.

One way to handle this might be:
Show a scrollable list of the conflicting items (only names, maybe with thumbnail preview) instead of the items themselves, and show the currently selected list item in full scale right beside the list control.
A good idea? Better ways? Did anybody already solve such a requirement?

Jan 25, 2015 at 10:23 AM
Hi Helmut,

I'd prefer grouping to one pin showing the amount of pins in the vicinity, like it's done by various websites. So if you see a pin with a number, you zoom in, revealing the actual pins. You could do that via a ZoomToVisibilityConverter, which shows/hides the various pin-aggregations depending on zoom-level.
Jan 27, 2015 at 9:34 PM
Hi uTILLIty,

that would be an option, if no map item details are needed on overview zoom level (as there would be just the numbered pin) and if at some zoom level there will be enough distance between the map items to show them fully (not the very same location for two or more map items, as this would not separate them on any zoom level).

So, if the goal would be to see some (reduced) information of every single map item on any zoom level, the idea with something like a scrollable list comes to my mind.
Lets say, you have a vehicle tracking scenario (parcel service or something like that). The vehicles start at the same location, then move around and finally return.
It would be great if (on a constant zoom level) there would be one list-like element for "all vehicles at home", then as they move away they separate into individual map items and finally they "merge" into the list-like representation again.
That way, there would be an overview of your vehicles visible at any zoom level and also for the situation if the position of some vehicles is too close to separate on even the maximum zoom level.
Of course, using the ZoomToVisibilityConverter some prepared list-like map items could be shown or hidden, but that would be a huge overhead on map items and lots of work to manage them.
So, there might be another way to handle this, which I am currently not aware of.